Fredericksburg Ballet Centre | Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

An Afternoon at the Ballet

ACT I - Rodeo, Les Sylphides, Paquita

ACT II - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Sunday, March 13th @ 3:00pm
Held at James Monroe High School, Fredericksburg City

General Admission: $16
Tickets at the door: $18
(Kids 2 & under free)
Tickets on sale: February 29

Monday, February 15

The studio will be OPEN.

Wednesday, January 27

We are OPEN.

*Please make your own judgement call about coming to dance tonight. If you miss, you can always make-up in another class.

Tuesday, January 26

The studio will be CLOSED. We are expecting rain this evening and with the melting snow I feel that this a recipe for some dangerous roads. And from some of the roads I have seen around town, maybe one more day of shoveling out is needed.

Spring Ballet Rehearsal this weekend
We will use the schedule from last weekend WITH a couple of changes for Sunday.
2:30-3:30- studio 1- Paquita pas
3:30-5:30- studio 1- Paquita corps
5:30-6:30- Bottom
6:30-7:30-Bottom and Titania pas

*NO changes to Saturday
*All other rehearsals, remain the same

Missed class policy due to weather related closings.
First miss - make-up in another class
Second miss - make-up day scheduled
Third miss - refund of money

Winter Weather

It's Snowing.... is FBC open?

When it comes to bad weather, like snow, FBC does not follow the school closing (which one do we follow? The city, the private schools, and the surrounding counties never make the same decisions). We make our own decisions… Classes start at 4:00pm so often times things have melted away. If we decide to close, we will send out a mass email, post on the website and make an announcement on the voicemail at the studio stating that we are closed. If we are open, we won’t do anything. When do we make our decision? For the day classes, we make the decision at noon. For the afternoon classes, we make our decision by 2:00pm. For saturday am classes, we make the decision by 8:00am. Please remember that FBC is located in the City and our streets do get scraped, sanded and salted quickly (and we usually get our power back on quickly). If we are open but you do not feel it is safe to come, please stay home. If you ever miss a class, your child can make up in another class on another day or time.